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How to get an entry level job in offshore oil industry

Offshore Oil Platform

Offshore Oil Platform – Courtsey to wikimedia

Acquiring Oil Drilling Jobs – A Guide For Novices

Author: Russ Simmons

For those seeking to land entry level drilling jobs in the energy business, roustabout jobs are a great location to start. It is essential to be in top physical condition prior to beginning a job like this, as you will be needed to carry and deal with equipment and tools that can weigh a great deal, and transport them about the offshore oil platforms. You are able to also look forward to working with the crane operator and rigging crew to load and unload supplies, helping out the welders and electricians, or assisting in other work, if you are lucky.

When oil rig workers are just getting started, it is critical that they bring to the table great team work abilities. When on the offshore platforms, you’re usually working two to four weeks in a row, and so need to be able to obtain along well with other under what are frequently stressful conditions. [...]

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