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Finding Offshore Oil Job

Are you adventurous?

To be successful in seeking offshore or oil rig job, you must be willing to do what average and ordinary people are not willing to do. Offshore work is not for everyone. It requires that you be away from home. It involves long and hard hours, working in all kinds of weather and conditions as well as in some dangerous situations. Being 100 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico in the middle of a hurricane is frightening and adventurous at the same time.

Do you like to travel and see the parts of the world never seen by most people?

In the offshore industries, many travel opportunities exist as part of the job. You may find yourself posted to such countries as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, the UK or Indonesia. Working in other countries than the US or Canada can be more rewarding. These offshore jobs may have larger security risks which results with a larger pay.

Are you in good physical health?

Yes, oil field work is hard, at the same time it is very rewarding in terms of job security, ability to see travel and experience things not seen or experienced by ordinary people [...]

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