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How to get an entry level job in offshore oil industry

Offshore Oil Platform

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Acquiring Oil Drilling Jobs – A Guide For Novices

Author: Russ Simmons

For those seeking to land entry level drilling jobs in the energy business, roustabout jobs are a great location to start. It is essential to be in top physical condition prior to beginning a job like this, as you will be needed to carry and deal with equipment and tools that can weigh a great deal, and transport them about the offshore oil platforms. You are able to also look forward to working with the crane operator and rigging crew to load and unload supplies, helping out the welders and electricians, or assisting in other work, if you are lucky.

When oil rig workers are just getting started, it is critical that they bring to the table great team work abilities. When on the offshore platforms, you’re usually working two to four weeks in a row, and so need to be able to obtain along well with other under what are frequently stressful conditions. Working on the offshore oil platforms entails a high degree of cooperation, and those that do not work well with other people merely will not last very long on a offshore or onshore oil rig practically anywhere.

Work is usually performed on heights, in dirty and wet conditions or stormy climate. The task is ongoing all the time to be able to pull the oil from beneath the ocean floor. The work isn’t for everyone but for all those individuals who’re interested in difficult difficult work, it is the starting of a career that can span decades because the job changes and positions turn out to be accessible on the offshore rigs. Travel to and from the rigs is usually by helicopter.

There’s more to working on the offshore oil platforms than just being in good shape. You must also be familiar with most hand tools and have some basic abilities, have the capacity to live away from home for two weeks non-stop (or much more), be great with your hands and have clear vision, and be cognizant of your surroundings at any moment in time. Be sure and be ready to leave when the transportation arrives, as you won’t be coming back for a couple of weeks.

Living on the offshore oil platforms for two to four weeks in a row is truly fairly nice. Your linens will often be clean, you will not need to clean the bathroom, and there is lots of entertainment and things to do on your down time. You will find game rooms, weight rooms, and mini-movie theaters on some rigs, with huge screen televisions and a lot of movies to select from. The food is frequently of restaurant or hotel top quality, with certified chefs heading up the culinary operations on several of the oil drilling platforms.

For those who have history within the armed forces, or have worked in construction or any of the other trades, the things you learned will prove to be very handy with regards to work on the offshore platforms. Folks starting in entry level jobs on the drilling rigs are usually young, from 25 to 35, and enjoy being outside and working outdoors. Those that prove themselves to be ethical, capable and willing to understand operations on the drilling platforms will often find themselves moving up the ladder fairly quickly; such is life on the offshore drilling platforms.

The work salary varies in between $42,000 to $52,000 annually including rewards for entry level jobs on offshore oil rigs. This might differ according the place of the rigs and the dangers involved in the work itself. Like other jobs that need physical toughness, the roustabout or roughneck is demanding each mentally and physically but extremely rewarding if you stick with it.

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