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Conversations with an Offshore Job Seeker

I recently had the following conversation with a job seeker through FaceBook, who is looking for an offshore oil job. I thought this conversation may be useful for other job seekers. The name of the person is changed for privacy. The content is edited for brevity, spelling and grammar.
offshore oil job seeker

offshore oil job seeker

Raj (Job Seeker): Hi!

Me: Hello Raj. How are you?

Raj: I am fine.

Me: Welcome to the offshore job group on FaceBook.

Raj: I am looking to join offshore like oil rig or oilfield. I have CDC (Continuous Discharge Book) and done STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) courses.

I want to join offshore work in offshore vessels. I would like to join offshore as a Seaman or Roustabout or something like that.

Me: OK

Raj: Now I have a job. But want to go offshore.

Me: What are you doing now?

Raj: I am in India, doing a sales job. Not related to ships or offshore. I am 32 years old.

Me: Why [...]

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How do I get an offshore oil job without any offshore experience?

Question: How do I get an offshore oil job without any offshore experience? No offshore company seems to want to take on anybody without experience but then how am I supposed to gain experience!

There are many ways to get into an offshore oil job. Contacts do matter for an offshore oil rig job. If you can reach out to any or all your friends and relatives to find someone who is currently working or recently worked in the offshore industry will give you your first break into an offshore oil rig job.

I tried, I don’t know anyone in the industry, what can I do now?

One approach is to focus on an entry level job which doesn’t require any experience. This can work in some cases. But it can be hard because there are so many people trying to get into this lucrative job.

Here is a clever guerrilla approach:

If you are willing to try a very successful guerrilla approach, here is what you can do. Get the first Bus/Train or Plane to your booming offshore oil town. In US, this would be Houston or Louisiana, in UK it will be Aberdeen. If you [...]

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How to select the right career in the oil and gas industry

Knowledge is power – practical or theoretical, or both! The more you know of the latest trends in the oil and gas industry jobs, the higher are your chances of making the cut in the interviews. This also includes some very hands-on research and banter with people already working on rigs or platforms offshore.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Oil & Gas Industry Jobs

Author: John Barrow

The oil and gas industry jobs are available aplenty – even with the recession making inroads into this enormously successful and lucrative career landscape. And being a vast and an oft uncharted territory for most of the elite of the recruitment seekers, the oil & gas job search is often sans the cut-throat rivalry that is now pre-dominant in most other job arenas.

However, this does not make the road to making a career in this domain a cakewalk. Most of the interviewees either do not have an idea about how to search for jobs in this particular industry, or do not have the soft-skill or prowess to make it through an interview in the said sector.

Here are 5 tips to help you out [...]

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Types of offshore Oil Rig Jobs and their requirements

Before you decide to start a career in this industry, one needs to keep in mind certain criteria like health, age, experience, education and interests. The job requires you to be in good physical condition, and you need to pass certain medical examinations. Although the average age is 27 for offshore jobs, you can apply for coast guard or drilling contractor positions if you are less than 18. Experience in a particular field will help you to gain a better position and wage, but by and large, no previous experience or skill is required to be hired.

Please read this great article from Tony Jacowski.

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Author: Tony Jacowski

Job Requirements

Working offshore is not for everyone. The job requires you to travel and be away from home and your family. It is a hard and dangerous task that has to be accomplished in harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, growth opportunities are tremendous. Starting salary for a person with no previous experience is anything between $40,000 to $60,000 annually and that too for working only for six months in a year.

Once the workers have [...]

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How to highlight your experience when applying for offshore jobs

Offshore Jobs – How to Get Leverage Prior Experience to Get Hired For Entry Level Offshore Jobs

Author: Julian Gaston

In this article we discuss transferable experience that those seeking entry level offshore work can apply immediately into jump-starting a new offshore job and career. The biggest hurdle people face when applying for offshore employment is the fact that they haven’t worked offshore before. This is typically the first question asked in an interview. Thankfully, everyone currently employed offshore was once in this position, so by definition they, too, had to get over this temporary hurdle.

The solution for them is also the solution for you – to draw upon existing and previous experience that is transferable to an offshore environment.

If you are entry level, the most important thing is being willing to work at whatever is offered to you. This might not be pleasant – scraping rust, stacking materials, cleaning out tanks – but it will get your foot in the door, and you can move up after.

- Drilling and Rigging Crews -

For the drilling crew for roughnecks on up, previous land-based Oil rig experience is a huge plus. But note [...]

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How to get an entry level job in offshore oil industry

Offshore Oil Platform

Offshore Oil Platform – Courtsey to wikimedia

Acquiring Oil Drilling Jobs – A Guide For Novices

Author: Russ Simmons

For those seeking to land entry level drilling jobs in the energy business, roustabout jobs are a great location to start. It is essential to be in top physical condition prior to beginning a job like this, as you will be needed to carry and deal with equipment and tools that can weigh a great deal, and transport them about the offshore oil platforms. You are able to also look forward to working with the crane operator and rigging crew to load and unload supplies, helping out the welders and electricians, or assisting in other work, if you are lucky.

When oil rig workers are just getting started, it is critical that they bring to the table great team work abilities. When on the offshore platforms, you’re usually working two to four weeks in a row, and so need to be able to obtain along well with other under what are frequently stressful conditions. [...]

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